T. Bob Davis, DMD
December 2016 
Dear Esteemed ADI Fellow,

It is with great joy I assume the Presidency of the ADI for 2016-2018! My cup runs over with excitement after the meeting in Rome with each of you who were present. There is a new feeling of companionship/fellowship as is the basis for our Society. Each of you is so very important to the entire body of this awakening giant among the many organizations within the dental profession.

The Annual meeting of the Board of Regents was held Dec 2, 2016, in the heart of Rome at the ENPAM Real Estate Building in a beautiful boardroom setting. It was a time for normal business transactions, introductions of new Regents and officers, goodbyes to transitioning Regents and Officers and welcoming the new fellows in a convocation. Also honored were the International Dentist of the Year 2016 Dr. Adriano Albano Forghieri of Brazil, and Distinguished fellow awardee Dr. Laura Pittau of Italy. The new fellows are Dr. Mariagiovanna Cotugno of Italy, Dr Baheti Mayuresh Jagganath of India, and Dr. Alessandro Valenti of Italy.
An Italian symposium 2016 was the Continuing Education event on Dec. 3, presented by three outstanding clinicians. Dr. Stefano Colasanto, Dr. Alessandro Valenti and Dr. Dietmar Klement.

The solid scientific content of each presentation included Occlusion, Perimplantitis and Root Resorption, each of daily importance to the practicing dentist.

Many hours of dialogue with each Regent give me great enthusiasm for the work ahead as ADI enters a new era of international relevance, while retaining the local and national flowers of volunteerism.

As a fellow I can assure you our new Regents will be in personal contact with you as they assimilate the practical needs and resources of ADI while producing the products of "sharing knowledge" and creating opportunities for service as is consisted with the ADI mission statements. We will together strengthen the fellowship among us, enlarge the honored cadre within each section, and continue the valued programs and initiatives existing while identifying new ones.

Potential abounds within the newest initiative of our UN-NGO status, now in its first year! You will want to read more about the impact this portends for the entire world to achieve oral health! Read more as reports appear in our new journal of Academy of Dentistry International and in Section newsletters.

I close with deep appreciation for each leader who has stepped up to the challenge ahead for ADI as well as for each fellow in the ranks of membership who make this organization so vital and relevant. May the blessings of the New Year attend your way.

T. Bob

Dr. Anil Chandra (Prof.) 

Organizing Secretary, ADI India
Mb: +91 94150-29863

Dr. Vikrant Jain (Dental Surgeon & Consultant Implantologist) 

Treasurer, ADI India
Mb: +91-98110-39090