Social Responsibility : Ultimate Technology :
Oral Health Challenges

TIME Saturday, October 6th

7.00 Registration

9.30 Conference Inauguration Opening remarks by ADl President, Chair of Organizing Committee and Distinguished Guests

10.00* *Includes 30 min break President’s Symposium The Value of Oral Health in Universal Health Coverage and Reducing Inequalities. Dr. G. Seeberger (Italy), Dr. M. Verma (India), Dr. S.M. Balaji (India), Dr D. Alexander (USA)

12.30 LUNCH

13.30 Dental Caries Symposium: Addressing the Most Prevalent Disease on the Planet Dr. S.Mortazavi(Iran), Dr.R. Baez(USA), Dr.R. Satyanarayan (India), Dr.S. Usha (India)

15.00 BREAK

15.30 Technology symposium: Digital Dentistry -Understanding and Managing theShift from Analog Mr. F. Herbst (Germany), Dr. K. Sukanya (India), Dr. S. Shetty (U.K.)

6.30 pm onwards ADI CONVOCATION for New Fellows

TIME Sunday, October 7th

9.00 Medical Issues in Dental Practice – Putting the Mouth Back into The Body Dr.H.Gupta(India), Dr.S.Mohammad(India)

10.30 BREAK

11.00 Global Citizenship and Social Responsibility: A Role for the Dental Profession -am I ready for this? Dr. D. Alexander (USA), Dr G Seeberger (Italy)

12.30 LUNCH

13.30 Oral Surgery Symposium: Challenges and Solutions in the Digital Dentistry Era Dr. K. K. Raja(India),Dr.D. Srinivasan(U.K.). Also featuring Special Video Premier: Cell-to-Cell Communication- Osseointegration

15.00 BREAK

15.30 Aesthetics Symposium - Aligning, Bleaching& Bonding for Optimal Results Dr.B. Mohan(India), Dr. S.Saha (India)

17.00 Round Table Discussion Day’s speakers Conclusion
TIME Monday, October 8th

9.00 Oral Cancer and Other Mucosal Diseases Symposium Dr.K. Ranganathan(India), Dr. E. Joshua (India), Dr.U.K.Rao (India)

11.00 Endodontics Simplified Dr. H. Singh (India), Dr.A.Dhingra (India), Dr B.Rajkumar (India)

12.30 LUNCH

13.30 Periodontal Diseases Symposium – Surgical and Non-Surgical Strategies for Success Dr.H. Chakrabarty (India), Dr.Arun(India)

15.00 BREAK

15.30 pm Prosthetic symposium-removable, fixed & implants Dr. T.V. Padmanabhan (India),Dr. V. Rangarajan (india) Also featuringSpecial Video Premier: Cell-to-Cell communication – Peri-implantitis and its prevention

17.00 Round Table Discussion Day’s speakers Conclusion

17.30 Closing Ceremony  

Dr. Anil Chandra (Prof.) 

Organizing Secretary, ADI India
Mb: +91 94150-29863

Dr. Vikrant Jain (Dental Surgeon & Consultant Implantologist) 

Treasurer, ADI India
Mb: +91-98110-39090